Most Expensive Mark Rothko Paintings in the World

13 April 2014

Most Expensive Mark Rothko Paintings in the World

Let’s just step into the marvellous universe of art with the Most Expensive Mark Rothko Paintings in the World.

That fact that we are fighting an economic crisis is not important when it comes to art.

It seems that the art collectors do not fight this economic situation. They will always have enough money to spend on art.

And it seems that the art is more appreciated when the artist is dead. Like always, we don’t appreciate the things we have until we lose them.

Well, today I choose the artist Mark Rothko to talk about his work. Who is this Mark Rothko anyway?

Mark Rothko was born in 1903 and died in 1970. But his journey was pleasant and he left us many of his amazing works of art. His style was generally identified as an Abstract Expressionist.


Mark Rothko is the most famous post war American artist.  His works of art are still selling with millions of dollars.

He set the record for the most expensive painting just to break it again, with another one of his works.

For example, another of Mark’s paintings, the “Rockefeller Rothko” was sold by $14,160000(approx).


The next painting they sold at an auction not only broke the previous record for Rothko expensive painting, but also the record for any contemporary work of art at auction.

I am talking about his famous work of art, the Rothko’s “Orange, Red, Yellow” painting.


The Mark Rothko from 1961 oil painting set a new action record for a post-war art fetching a price of $87 million.

It has also broken the previous record of Francis Bacon’s “Triptych” as the priciest post war artwork in history.

Mark Rothko can be proud of the two records his paintings have set, in just one month.


It seems like a great year for Rothko’s work and I think the art collectors just started. Many of his paining will be sold.

credit for the pictures: theaustralian.com.au

But our journey ends here, as we finish the story of Most Expensive Mark Rothko Paintings in the World. If you are interested in a gallery of his work and up-and-date exhibitions feel free to visit MARK ROTHKO’s profile on Artsy!

Meanwhile you can answer to this question, in the comments section below, how much you’ll be willing to pay for art?

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