Most Expensive Men’s Underwear | Top 10

18 July 2014

Most Expensive Men’s Underwear | Top 10

Here are the most expensive men’s underwear because everybody knows that women’s lingerie can be very expensive, but now is the time for all the rich dudes out there to see that they also can be spoiled.

There is no doubt that men can’t have an expensive underwear line but the advertising for them are very poor. So we made, specially for the wealthy gentlemen who don’t have the time to search for a pair of boxers that fit their budget, a list with hand picked most expensive men’s underwear.

If you think the women where privileged you are wrong because you will see some pair’s of tight boxers or briefs that make a guy feel like he is a million bucks.

The idea was to create the rich man a opportunity to explore the underwear world and see some of the most expensive items out there, who were made to make him feel special and lift up the moral, after spending a lot of money on women’s expensive lingerie.

So for those men who want to do something for themselves and treat their body like a sanctuary this is the perfect opportunity to indulge with some underwear that are made for those who don’t see the price, only the quality.

Guy these are the most expensive men’s underwear->

10.2(X)IST Gold Range

The first pair of underwear that made this list where the one from 2(X)IST an American fashion label, founded in 1991, that makes men’s underwear and other accessories.

Headquartered in New York City, in downtown Manhattan, the company brought to the wealthy gentleman the 2(X)IST Gold Range, a collection that wants to dress the bold and the beautiful.

This new collection is made from a fabric blend between 96% modal and 4% spandex, a fabric that is made for those who don’t like the fact that the underwear can cling against your body.

With two models on the market, we present to you the most expensive from the two, the No-Show Trunk who has a bold, gilded waistband, gold taping around the leg openings and gold waistband with logo.

This pair is at the price of 35$ and can be purchased in all sizes, for anyone who wants to create the visual impression of 100% gold.

Most Expensive Men's Underwear | Top 10
2(X)IST Gold Range

Next pair has a candy name->

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