Most Expensive Military Helicopters | Top 10

12 August 2014


NHIndustries NH90 TTH $24.3 million

This particular helicopter is a response to the need of a battlefield aircraft who is capable of accomplishing even naval missions.

So it’s supposed to carry 20 troops or 2.500 kg of cargo if we are talking about the military purpose.

Beside the troop delivery and equipment it can also be used in search and rescue missions, the tactical transport helicopter having also some weapons accessory and different sensors and cabin types, being adapted to the necessity.

We can add to the list of roles the medical evacuation missions, parachuting, VIP transport and flight training.

The 24.3 million dollar helicopters are now present in the naval department of 13 states from where we recall France Netherlands, Oman, Spain, Sweden and Belgium.

The mid-size helicopter can fly 530 nautical miles on a tank of fuel and has the top speed of 162 knots, being 12% faster than an average similar helicopter.

The price can be raised as the helicopter has different uses and also depending on the missions it is manufactured for or the type of deployment it has to maneuver.

Most Expensive Military Helicopters | Top 10
NHIndustries NH90 TTH

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