These Are the Most Expensive Movie Costumes Ever Sold!

28 May 2015

9John Wayne’s ‘True Grit’ Costume – Price: $167.300

Next on our top list is the costume worn by John Wayne, priced at $167.300.

Portraying Rooster Cogburn, the actor is very recognizable for his outfit, which features cowboy hat, pants, waistcoat, shirt, jacket and, of course, the iconic eye patch.

Both the jacket and the shirt, which were custom-made for John Wayne, have a label with the actor’s name.

In 1979, John Wayne died at the age of 72, and the costume was sold for $167.300, although it was valued at $164.000.

The cowboy hat was sold for a whopping $119.500 and the eye patch went for $47.800.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movie Costumes Ever Sold | John Wayne’s 'True Grit' Costume
John Wayne’s ‘True Grit’ Costume via picollecta.com
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