Music For The Soul: Most Expensive MP3 Players

16 June 2015

Music For The Soul: Most Expensive MP3 Players

Wondering which are the world’s most expensive MP3 players? Ealuxe has the answer!

Music makes you feel better, makes you feel alive. MP3 players were made so you can listen to music everywhere you’ll go.

Since Apple released the 5GB iPod in 2001, MP3 players became a must.

In the past decade, a wide variety of exquisite MP3 players have been released.
These 5 devices are the costliest ones!

5Astell&Kern AK240 – Price: $2.500

We start our top 5 list of the most valuable MP3 players in the world with Astell&Kern AK240.

Produced by Astell&Kern, the MP3 player features 256GB of internal memory and, with the addition of a 128GB microSD card, the device can support up to a total memory capacity of 383GB.

The AK240 has one unique body. Although is just 1 piece, it goest through 12 stages of production until it’s complete.

TOP 5 Most Expensive MP3 Players - EALUXE.COM | Astell&Kern AK240
Astell&Kern AK240 via custom-cable.co.uk
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