World’s Most Expensive Necklace – L’Incomparable

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World’s Most Expensive Necklace – L’Incomparable

We’re gonna take a look at the most Expensive Necklace in the world!

Mouawad‘s 637-carat “L’Incomparable” diamond necklace has been named by Guinness World Records, the world’s most expensive necklace, being evaluated at $55 million.

I’ve always thought that necklaces are the best accessories for a woman.

They’ve been acting as the best accessories. Women are madly in love with necklaces because they’re simple to wear and available in different designs to suit all occasions. One necklace can add a touch of class and glamour to any outfit .Not just any type can do especially when it comes to a high profile look.

There are elegant necklaces for the purpose but are worth a fortune. Still, many celebrities don’t seem to mind digging deeper into their pockets in order to own the luxurious jewelry.

World’s Most Expensive Necklace - L’Incomparable
World’s Most Expensive Necklace – L’Incomparable

According to the article from Forbes, the 18k rose gold necklace’s centerpiece gem is a brownish yellow shield step-cut diamond who has 407.48-carat Fancy Deep, which is the largest internally flawless diamond ever.

The lavish necklace’s surrounding gemstones are suspended beneath 229.52carats of diamonds that include:

35 rough diamonds                   World’s Most Expensive Necklace - L’Incomparable

27 pear-shaped diamonds

9 heart-shaped diamonds

5 emerald-cut diamonds

5 cushion-cut diamonds

4 oval-shaped diamonds

3 Asscher-cut diamonds

2 radiant-cut diamonds

In 1980, the Incomparable diamond was discovered by a young girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically in a rubble pile. The rubble had not been screened for diamonds because it was considered too chunky.

The diamond had 890 carats rough, before it was revealed to the public in its polished state in 1984. It was shown at the National Museum of Natural History and has appeared in many other museums since then.

World’s Most Expensive Necklace - L’Incomparable
World’s Most Expensive Necklace – L’Incomparable

The L’Incomparable necklace features many diamonds in various cuts around the stunning feature stone.

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