Most Expensive Newborn Items

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Most Expensive Newborn Items | Top 10

Are you expecting a child any time soon? There are a few things to know about it and a lot of stuff to buy before the arrival of the baby.

The next items are worthy enough for a little prince or princess. But one thing first, choose them wisely!

The most expensive newborn items are…

10. Baby Bath Tub- $2,186

When the baby comes you will need a bathtub of course. You can’t just wash the baby in the sink or in the bathtub for grown-ups. Nope.

You need a special place to bath your kid, for baby’s own protection.

If you are looking for a fancy bath tub, look no more because this is it! Is called Magic Bath Hot Tub and is priced at $2,186.

The bath tub features ten air jets that spew out bubbles for the delight of the baby. The baby will be happy when he sees the bubbles in water with underwater LED lights.

And no, the bath tub has nothing magic in it. However its best feature might be close enough to magic. It has an option for reclining or sitting position.

Its curved legs are the final touch to the luxury bath tub.

Most Expensive New Born Items
Most Expensive Newborn Items | Top 10

Most Expensive New Born Items
Most Expensive Newborn Items | Top 10

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