Most Expensive Pancakes Ever Made

2 November 2013

Most expensive pancakes ever made

Scroll down to find out  which are the Most expensive pancakes ever made and how much they cost!

Do you like pancakes? I know I do  ,but how much you’ll be willing to pay for one?

We all love them, no matter in which combinations of mixes and syrups.

In average a pancake costs between $5 and $50 depends on how many and the toppings used.

Now let’s see where we can eat the most expensive one.

The world’s most expensive pancakes were sold in honor of Mardi Gras, or as it’s known by many, Fat Tuesday or, Pancake Tuesday. This is the day that falls on the Tuesday before Lent and although Mardi Gras may most famously be associated with New Orleans, the most expensive pancake was created very far away from this famous Mardi Gras city.  In Manchester, England, Opus in the Printworks has created the world’s most expensive pancake for Fat Tuesday  with the price of £144. The pancake beats the 2007 offering from Earlsdon Cottage by £49.

Most expensive pancakes ever made

 Flavored with Madagascan vanilla pods and sprinkled with edible 23-carat gold leaf. It is served with jelly made from Dom Perignon champagne and organic strawberries.

Most expensive pancakes ever made

The world’s most expensive pancakes were actually created in Manchester, England but they were  created to celebrate Pancake Tuesday and because of thier succes they kept making them on the daily basis.

It was designed by the kitchen staff at Opus in the Printworks and beats the old record by £49. Head chef Simon Lynch said: “The pancake is such a basic recipe. We wanted to jazz it up a little and demonstrate that even the simplest food can be customized into something unique and delicious.”

Just imagine yourself at this bar/restaurant , having breakfast .If you are in the neighborhood you can order a plate of the most expensive pancakes, even if is not Pancake Tuesday, at the price of 144 pounds ( over $200).

Most expensive pancakes ever made

Let us know if you have been to the Opus in the Printworks and you tried the most expensive pancake. If you haven’t would you want to go?