15 Most Expensive Pens Sold around the World

19 October 2016

I got a pen. I got diamonds. Ugh, I got most expensive pens in the world!

Unfortunately, we haven’t come up with the most expensive pens dance like Piko-Taro did with his PPAP. In the meantime, let’s take a look at these amazing pens and the reasons behind their exclusivity!

If you are a billionaire who leads a multinational company, signing papers is no longer just simply a business. As others’ eyes lock into your signing hand, it is your chance to showcase how exclusive you are from your pen.

These highest-priced pens have gone beyond their main function. They are not just tools to write. They have become collections or luxury possessions of the rich and famous.

These amazingly handcrafted objects are made by some unique art workers with awesome skill and determination to be able to bring such amazing pieces to life. And we rank fifteen of the world’s most expensive pens right here on this list just for you. Let’s start the countdown!

15. Visconti Ripple ($57,000)

15 Most Expensive Pens Sold around the World | #15. Visconti Ripple ($57,000)
15 Most Expensive Pens Sold around the World | #15. Visconti Ripple ($57,000) | source: blogspot.com

Visconti is a world-renowned pen manufacturer from Italy. However, this company also produces jewels and other accessories. Thus, it has the perfect combination to make the world’s most luxurious pens, including this Ripple HRH Limited Edition Visconti Fountain Pen.

This pen edition comes in several different models, as you can see from the picture above. But the most expensive, which made it to our list, is the 18K white gold model one (on the bottom of that picture).

The luxury does not stop right there. As if the 18K gold is not luxurious enough, diamonds were added into this pen’s ripple pattern. Then, it was topped by its 18K gold nib.

This exclusive pen is bundled with $57,000 price tag. That is more expensive than most new cars available on the market today. And to think that we are just getting started, aren’t you curious about how expensive the rest of this list are?

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