Own the Most Expensive Penthouse in US Now!

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Have you ever dreamed of living in the skyscraper’s top floor? Keep dreaming and one of these most expensive penthouses may be yours!

Some dreams of having acres of property to build their dream house, some others like you and me, just want a simple apartment close to the sky they call the most expensive penthouses!

The thing about living in a luxurious penthouse is the combination of other luxury properties’ advantages. You get the mesmerizing view of a mansion, the amenities of a five-starred hotel, and the exclusivity of living in the city. And the United States offers some of the best. We have them right here on our list.

If you thought you paid for your house or apartment a fortune, just wait until you see these outstanding prices. They will not only blow your mind, but they will make you wonder what makes them so pricey. We ranked all top fifteen of the wealthiest condos in the US to feed your curiosity.

So, without further ado, let’s enter the dreamy world of the rich and admire these costliest penthouses in US.

15. Trump’s Penthouse, New York ($50 million)

15 Most Expensive Penthouses In the United States | #15. Trump's Penthouse, New York ($50 million)
15 Most Expensive Penthouses In the United States | #15. Trump’s Penthouse, New York ($50 million) | source: guestofaguest.com

This luxurious penthouse is a part of Trump Tower pride. It is valued at $50 million. And it is definitely one of the most expensive apartments in United States.

This is Donald Trumps’ personal residence. The top three floors of the Trump Tower is owned solely by him. It is not just a regular penthouse. It is a triplex penthouse.

In total, it is around 30,000 square-foot wide. As if that is not jaw-dropping enough, it features marble, diamond, and gold within its decorations. That’s how the US presidential candidate is living his life as a billionaire!

As seen on the picture, the whole penthouse is like a jewelry house. And take a look at the ceiling. This pricey condo is decorated with Italianate-style painting on its ceilings. What a way to splurge!

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