Top 15 Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries

25 October 2016

Whether it is for health or aesthetic reason, some people are willing to spend truckload of money on some of these most expensive plastic surgeries.

In times when nothing seems perfect anymore, we search every day to find perfection both in ourselves and the people around us. What once were available only to the rich and famous, these most expensive plastic surgeries are available to more people around the world now.

And the costs of these kinds of procedures are not cheap. From the place you want to have your surgeries to the doctor you want to see, be ready to spend more than just several thousands of dollars.

Not all people who decide to undergo such procedures do this for the perfect looks. Some of them do it to repair the damage from accidents or illness. Whether you are considering plastic surgery or simply curious about the costs, read on to learn more about the most expensive plastic surgeries procedures.

Keep in mind that the fees listed in this article are the average starting prices we found on some beauty clinics. And they may not include operating room facilities, anesthesia, and other related expenses.

15. Laser Liposuction (removing excess fat): starting from $4,500

Here are the Top 15 Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries | #15. Laser Liposuction (removing excess fat): starting from $4,500
Here are the Top 15 Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries | #15. Laser Liposuction (removing excess fat): starting from $4,500 | source: zeronaelite.com

We start the list off with probably the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. More than a half of the world’s population is suffering from weight problem due to their lifestyles. Thus, losing weight has become a very profitable business today.

Some encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle either by working out or eating healthy. They sell health products, slimming supplements, etc. And some embrace them with an easier way out: liposuction.

The traditional liposuction, as you can see on the picture above, includes injection and suction process. It has several downsides such as pain during the process and skin dimpling after. And this causes distinctive mark which people can tell if someone has undergone this procedure.

Today, there is a more sophisticated procedure to remove fat right off your body: laser liposuction. No needles and pain involved. And it offers better and faster result as well. However, it comes with more expensive price tag. While traditional liposuction procedure is just around $1,000, this one starts from $4,500.

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