Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos in the World

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The Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos in the World

Let’s find out which are the Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos!

Shoes shoes shoes ! Everywhere you look, you see heels, boots and stilettos ! Women adore everything that make them more sexy and feminine, but also attractive and powerful . And a pair of stilettos will definitely make you feel like this ! But how do you think that The Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos will make you feel ? I’m pretty sure, that you’ll be speechless !

A couple hundred dollars is the average amount of money that most women pay for their heels, but sometimes they will splurge and spend a few thousand, right girls ? While a pair of stilettos for $1,000 or even $3,000 might sound expensive, could you imagine paying $110,000 for a single pair?

We present you the Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos that will cost you $110,000!

The Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos
The Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos

The House of Borgezie recently put a pair of platinum stilettos for sale . These are the fist of their kind. Designers said that it took over four years to create these unique shoes because platinum is one of the most difficult material to work with, but the time spent was worth it for sure. Each pair took 100 hours or longer to create, and were made by hand using high temperatures for melting the platinum. If you’re looking to spend your retirement on a pair of shoes, you can buy these knowing they come with the peace of mind of a 1,000-year guarantee.

According to Daily Mail, “The Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto makes most luxury brands’ designs appear positively High Street in comparison. The range has been created by bespoke jewellers House of Borgezie, who also created the world’s first £100,000 gold and diamond bespoke stilettos in 2010.

The Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos
The Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos

Speaking about his ideal client, Christopher said: ‘I love and really respect Nicole Scherzinger as she is the essence of pure femininity and it is my absolute priority and goal to get her wearing something from the range.

We hope you liked our article about the Most Expensive Platinum Stilettos !

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