Most Expensive Pocket Watches | Top 10

19 July 2014

Most Expensive Pocket Watches | Top 10

Some of the watch enthusiasts will love this next top because we will show you the most expensive pocket watches. Yes if you are wondering what happened to this kind of accessory, I’ll tell you, some of you forgot about them.

The one and only accessory that distinguished a man from a gentleman was forgotten over the years and became a piece of antique.

No worries because we are here to show you some of the most luxury and one of a kind jewelry for men.

The piece that in the past was so in vogue due to its functionality and statement of wealth, is now only on the lips of collectors and antique shops.

Nobody knows what happened to the pocket watch fashion and we hope with this article to show you that this unique accessory can make the difference when it comes to style.

If you want to be the best looking guy out there, the suit being the center of attention, you must accessorize it according to a gentleman’s manual.

Beside the normal things and items that you can add the pocket watch will give you the vintage look of a man with high class in his blood.

Some of the guy’s around you will be jealous because the pocket watch screams extravagant, well read and incredible rich. Yeah you heard me, but most of all incredibly rich if you are the proud owner of one of the next most expensive pocket watches.

Prepare to be amazed by the most expensive pocket watches in the world!->

10. 1907BA/12 Breguet Pocket Watch – 734.000 $

We start with a pocket watch that was created by one of the oldest watch companies in the world.

The Breguet Company was founded 225 years ago and has a wonderful history when it comes to all kind of watches.
The first pocket watch that open’s the most expensive pocket watches list, in called Breguet 1907BA/12 pocket watch and is sold for 734.000$.

For some technical details we found an interesting list of features for this particular watch.

Build like the Grand Compilation Pocket Watches, this item is made out of 18 Karat gold, with a silvered gold dial, hand engraved, adding to it a rose-engine and sapphire.

The tourbillon is accompanied by a pure gold masterpiece with unique features like hand wound movement with 2 ways rotating crown, silvered gold dial, and other characteristics who were made to commemorate two decades of watch building.

Most Expensive Pocket Watches | Top 10
1907BA 12 Breguet Pocket Watch – 734.000$

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