Most Expensive PS3 Games

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Most Expensive PS3 Games | Top 10

Let’s continue our journey in the gaming area and find out now which are the most expensive PS3 games.

PlayStation 3, commonly known by its abbreviation PS3, is a video game console created by Sony Computer Entertainment and is the successor to PS2, being part of the PlayStation series.

The game console was officially presented to the public in 2005 and it was later released in Japan on November 11, 2006. And it was indeed a premiere as it is the first console to use Blu-ray Disc as its primary storage medium.

PS3 was a real success for Sony Computer Entertainment and the numbers prove it. Since November 2, 2013, so in almost one year, over 80 million units were sold worldwide!

But enough of this, let’s see which are the PS3 games that any passionate gamer must have in his personal collection.

10.Afrika – Price: $190

I’m sure you’ve always wanted to go on safari at least once in your life and experience the wildlife for a short time. But of course, the travel costs would kill you.

Well, here’s the solution to this: buy Afrika. The price of $190 might seem a little bit high for a PS3 game, but it will most definitely be considerably cheaper than the real life experience.

Afrika is a virtual safari where you play the role of wildlife photographer in Serengeti and it is actually quite realistic.

And until you can afford a trip to the real safari, this is a part time solution and you might also learn something more about the world.

10. Afrika – Price: $190 | Most Expensive PS3 Games | Image Source:
10. Afrika – Price: $190 | Most Expensive PS3 Games | Image Source:
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