Most Expensive Rapper Chains

29 November 2014

Most Expensive Rapper Chains | Top 10

In the music industry, mostly in the rap genre there is a custom where the stars got out of the ordinary with their jewelry and that is why we created the most expensive rapper chains list.

The rap music is explicit and sometimes the rappers give insights on their life’s through the music they produce, but sometimes we actually see, for example, how rich they are by the jewelry their wear.

So what more to say about them and the pieces they wear that it must cost a fortune to produce such a kind of chain and most of them are unique, custom made at world famous jewelry tailors.

From precious stones, to diamond actually and the finest in white and yellow gold, the rappers have strapped to their chest the craziest ideas when it comes to custom jewelry.

Their chains are the equivalent of how much they produce, how big they think their name is and how much respect can the artist get from the crowd.

Basically no one knows how this custom came to life and why they spend so much money, but we had to see who are the biggest spenders when it comes to expensive chains and what kind of pieces they have.

10.Wacka Flocka Flame – 120.000$ chain

The last place in the list of the most expensive rapper chains is taken by Wacka Flocka Flame, the rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

Juaquin Malphurs, by his real name, is the artist known to be shot and robbed back in 2010 at a car wash, in his home town,the bullet ripping his arm.

From famous songs like “O Let’s Do It”, released before he got shot and awards like the eight hottest MC voted by MTV fans in 2010, Wacka Flocka Flame is known for his weird choice when he had to custom make a chain.

Supposedly he got his name from the character he picked for his chain, the Muppets Fozzie Bear character and the crazy chain was born.

So for the fans he stated that the chain was around 120.000$ and besides the obvious gold he stated that his Fozzie Bear has some precious stones and that’s why it costs so much.

So apparently we are in the range of a sport car when it comes to how much Wacka Flocka Flame paid for his chain.

#10 Wacka Flocka Fame 120.000$ | Most Expensive Rapper Chains | Top 10 | Image Source: mattressessale.eu
#10 Wacka Flocka Fame 120.000$ | Most Expensive Rapper Chains | Top 10 | Image Source: mattressessale.eu
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