Most Expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses

28 August 2014

Most Expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses are perhaps the most famous sunglasses out there and today we’ll talk about five of the most expensive Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Since the brand was created back in 1937, the sunglasses market has seen some new elements because what Ray-Ban brought to the market has revolution the sunglasses market everywhere.

Even the way that they chose to advertise the famous sunglasses is innovative. The most famous and loved celebrities were used to advertise the brand. Faces like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan were among the years the image of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Ray-Ban’s unique designs, colors and lenses have brought something new and in the same time old to sunglasses that we love.

Because they used famous celebrities to advertise their products and because the materials they used into making the sunglasses, the authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses come with a high price tag.

Here is a list of the most expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses.


This particular pair combine unmistakable retro style with a new functional design specific for Ray-Ban sunglasses.

These sunglasses are the foldable version of the Clubmaster, which can be easily folded and stored for ultimate convenience.

They thought you need less space to store the sunglasses and added the folding touch. Fine touch.

Clubmaster folding are the ultimate sunglasses, the ones that never go out of fashion. They have been timeless when they first came on the market and they will ever be.

Also, you can choose your own lens color from a variety of frame colors and lens treatments, including polarized lenses.

Even the celebrities chose to wear them. Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Robert Pattinson are just some of them.

Most Expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses | TOP 10
Most Expensive Ray-Ban Sunglasses | TOP 10

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