The 10 Most Expensive Rides Owned by Athletes

4 June 2015

The 10 Most Expensive Rides Owned by Athletes

Have you seen the 10 most expensive rides owned by athletes?

The professional athletes make enough money to buy whatever they want. As they make a lot of money each year, some of them put the cash to good use and bought next logical thing, a house.

While others, spent the money they earned on cars; some of the most expensive ones.

They do it because they want to feel proud as people turn their heads around. To be honest, if I were them, I would do the same thing.

Because unlike a big house, a car gets the attention of people anywhere you go, with heads turned and jaws being dropped as it passes by.

No one can really blame the athletes for buying such expensive rides, because they worked so hard to be able to afford one.

These are the 10 most valuable and outrageous rides owned by athletes!

10. Chrome Aston Martin DBS – $257,465 (Jermaine Pennant)

Before we get into the car taking, we need to meet the owner, right?

The English footballer, who plays as a winger for Wigan Athletic, was born in Nottingham.

As a youngster, Jermaine played for his local side Notts County. For that, and not only, he earned promising reviews while he was part of the team, and in 1999 Arsenal signed him.

But things didn’t go too well for him as he struggled to make much of an impact at the North London Club.

He did spent some time on loan at Watford, Leeds United and Birmingham City before joining the latter permanently.

Jermaine Pennant may be getting a little bit older, but he still has plenty of money in his bank account. The insane Aston Martin DBS, which he had chromed out, is the proof that the money exist.

With insane top speeds and a sleek design, it’s every bit worth the over $257,000 that he spent on it.

The 10 Most Expensive Rides Owned by Athletes
The 10 Most Expensive Rides Owned by Athletes
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