Most Expensive Robot in the World

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Most Expensive Robot in the World

The most expensive robot in the world came to amaze you.

When the technology is so advanced people are building robots. To help us, to be our friends. But someday they will be our bosses.

I was reading this article a while ago on the Descopera magazine and they were saying that in the future humans will have two choices: to be the boss of the robots or to be ruled by robots.

What do you think is our future? What is your future?

Considering that the economy is rising (short of) we now had to have the most expensive robot ever made.

Titan is the name of the most expensive robot in the world.

It was created by Cyberstein Robots Ltd ten years ago. Don’t expect much from this robot, because ten years ago the technology was not that advanced.

Titan is not a powered exoskeleton but is a plastic costume worn by a man.

2.4 m tall and 60 kg and 350 kg when is combined with the equipment that is often worn in a wheelchair. The costume of the robot it was often compared with a Transformer one.

Designed by Nik Fielding the robot has a skull face but is not scary at all.

Most Expensive Robot in the World - Titan Robot Most Expensive Robot in the World - Titan Robot

In fact, the robot was made only for entertainment. You could rent the robot and host a live show.

It performed its walking, greeting visitors, joking, singing and moving on the Commonwealth Games, Alton Tower, Bar Mitzvahs and malls around the world.

Also it was on the stage with some of the most famous artists around the world such as JLS band, “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

It was with Rihanna in 2010 at the ECHO Awards in Berlin, Germany. On Gadget Show, the TV show about awesome gadgets and many others famous TV shows and live shows.

Most Expensive Robot in the World - Titan Robot Most Expensive Robot in the World - Titan Robot

The costs of the robot were around $7 billion dollars and it was just made for fun.

You can hire the robot for a day with just $150 million.

The building of the robot took four years and it can also sing, dance and even a little burp and fart.

Most Expensive Robot in the World |Titan Robot |
Most Expensive Robot in the World |Titan Robot |

The fact that the robot is not as real as the ASIMO doesn’t matter for the Titan Robot.

This is all about Most Expensive Robot in the World! What do you think of it? Would you hire the robot for your private event?

Tell us your opinions in the comments. Have a nice day!

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