Most Expensive Screenplays

13 September 2014

9.White House Down – $3 Million

Next on our list, is the action drama movie White House Down.

I think we all watched breathless The Amazing Spider Man, the movie that’s been waiting for so long. The same man that wrote the script for The Amazing Spider Man and Zodiac, wrote the script for White House Down, too. Yes, we’re talking about famous James Vanderbilt.

And he hit the jackpot! Vanderbilt sold the script for White House Down back in 2012 for no less than 3 million dollars! And it didn’t stop there. WME made a deal that he would also be one of the producers of the movie, next to Brad Fischer and Laeta Kalogridis.

The movie wasn’t such an impressive success, but at least this one covered the original budget and earned some extra bucks. The budget for the movie was $150 million and the total earnings of it was about $205 million. Better than nothing at all!

most expensive screenplays
most expensive screenplays
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