Most Expensive Smartwatches in The World

24 March 2016

What are the most expensive smartwatches in the world now?

While the Guinness Book of World Records stated that the Super Ice Cube by Chopard, Switzerland is the most expensive watch in the world, let’s take a look at our own specialized list: the most expensive smartwatches in the world.

The Chopard’s Super Ice Cube is retailed at $1,130,620. Insanely amazing for one straps of watch. What makes it so expensive? Well, let’s start with its 66.16 carats of diamonds which includes 288 trapeze cut diamonds, 16 center stones and 1,897 brilliant cut diamonds. If you are not into diamonds, you may choose rubies, pastel sapphires, or black diamonds instead.

What about smartwatches?

It was first commonly known as phone accessories. However, smartwatches receive similar luxury treatment to traditional watches nowadays. They have become the luxurious wearable wardrobe.

How expensive they could be? Let’s count down the top 10 list of most expensive smartwatches.

10. Apple Watch Hermès ($1,100)

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartwatches Apple Watch Hermès ($1,100)
Apple Watch Hermès | source: wired.com

Apple Watch is one of the commonly known smartwatches. This is another luxury smartwatch from the Apple Watch line ups. A couple months ago, in January 2016 to be exact, Apple launched its special Apple Watch Hermès edition.

Just like any other Apple Watch models, this model features the same smartwatch functions. The base model of Apple Watch retailed at only $350.

What makes this edition special and expensive is its Hermès handmade leather straps. It is designed with elegance, putting the Hermès style into the Apple gadget. This makes the Apple Watch Hermès exclusive.

The price starts from $1,100. It may vary depending on your band size. Originally planned to market in U.S only, it is now available for international market with limited number of production.

Although you could buy a similar band for cheaper, it will not come to the quality and brand power Hermes has!

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