Most Expensive Smartwatches in The World

24 March 2016

9. Tissot Smart-Touch ($1,200)

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartwatches Tissot Smart-Touch ($1,200)
Tissot Smart-Touch | source: slashgear.com

Next up on our most expensive smartwatches list is Tissot watch. Recently launched this month (March 2016), this new smartwatch product is the best of Swatch yet.

Last year, Swatch launched two of its prior model, Bellamy and Touch Zero One. However, the two were not successful in the smartwatch market because their prices were not competitive and their models were not innovative enough.

Although it does not offer a full smartwatch functions like Tag Heuer, this is still a very good wearable accessories to go on a run with. Pair Tissot Smart-Touch with your phone and you can navigate using its hands and screen.

Solar power inspired this watch’s function and design. Through this smartwatch, you will receive local conditions reports from solar-powered weather stations. This watch features a solar-rechargeable battery that will last for one year.

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