Most Expensive Smartwatches in The World

24 March 2016

7. Montblanc Timewalker e-Strap ($4,000)

Top 10 Most Expensive Smartwatches Montblanc Timewalker e-Strap ($4,000)
Montblanc Timewalker e-Strap | source: rsvlts.com

Been on the market for over a decade, Montblanc set the bar for modern yet classic looking watch.

The Montblanc Timewalker comes in a polished steel case with a tri-compax style chronograph layout matching its silver-colored dial. It is bundled with $4,000 price in 2004.

The e-Strap is the replacement for the Timewalker’s strap. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It provides various smartwatch functions such as emails, calendar, text message, call, and social network message notifications. It also features additional functions such as accelerometer and pedometer for fitness tracking.

The 0.9 inch OLED screen (128 x 36 pixel resolution) is an ingenious solution in making smartwatch luxurious without putting aside the style of traditional watch. It is just like you have one luxurious watch with a smart-strap.

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