These Are the Most Expensive Snowboards in the World!

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These Are the Most Expensive Snowboards in the World!

Wondering which are the most expensive snowboards in the world? Ealuxe has the answer!

Snowboarders carefully choose the piece of equipment that will allow them to ‘ride’ with great ease and precision. Some of them even get super excited when shopping for the perfect new snowboard.

However, finding the perfect snowboard is no easy task.
The width and length of the board, as well as how flexible it is are all major considerations.

And if you add a particular brand name, some snowboards become the world’s costliest. Like these 5¬†which are the most valuable ever to hit the market.

5The Whip Snowboard by Cheetah Ultra Sports – Price: $2.000

We start our top 5 list of the highest priced snowboards in the world with The Whip.

Designed by Cheetah Ultra Sports, The Whip features raised inserts, suspension and an odd thing that the company calls a ‘go faster stripe’ carved out of the core of the snowboard.

Dubbed the ‘Lamborghini of snowboards’, the F-117 snowboard is limited edition, priced at $2.000.

Cheetah Ultra Sports declared: ‘The main purpose of the opening is to reduce the amount of surface which comes in contact with snow. Smaller surface means less drag, which translates into more gliding speed.’

TOP 5 Most Expensive Snowboards in the World - EALUXE | The Whip Snowboard by Cheetah Ultra Sports
The Whip Snowboard by Cheetah Ultra Sports via
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