These Are the Most Expensive Snowmobiles in the World!

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These Are the Most Expensive Snowmobiles in the World!

Wondering which are the most expensive snowmobiles in the world? Search no more! We made a top 10 list!

First things first. A snowmobile, also known as a snow machine, is a vehicle designed for winter travel and recreation on snow.
Generally, these vehicles accommodate 2 people, similarly to motorcycles or ATVs.

Numerous people had ideas for unique snowmobiles. People are creative, we’ll give you that! For example, did you know that in 1914, O.M. Erickson and Art Olsen of the P.N. Bushnell company in Aberdeen, South Dakota, built an open 2-seater ‘motor-bob’ out of an Indian motorcycle modified with a cowl-cover, side-by-side seating, and a set of sled-runners and aft?

Nowadays, things are different. Arctic Cat Yamaha, Polaris and Ski-Doo, also known as ‘The Major Four’ are the most popular snowmobile manufacturers.

They create some of the best, as well as expensive snow machines in the world! And Ealuxe has made a top 10 list. Let’s get straight to business!

102015 Arctic Cat XF 9000 Cross Country Limited – Price: $15.249

We start our top 10 list of the costliest snowmobiles in the world with the 2015 Arctic Cat XF 9000 Cross Country Limited.

Priced at $15.249, the snowmobile features a push-button reverse, ProClimb front bumper, dual halogen headlight, adjustable mountain handlebar, electric gas gauge, low oil light and coolant overheat light, altimeter, high/low hand and thumb warmers, race-height windshield, electric start, air pump and rear storage bag.

Among optional features are included 2-up seat, tank pads, mirrors, tether switch, premium shocks, ice screatchers, riser blocks and engine heater.

With 2-turbocharged cylinders and an Arctic Race Suspension with FOX FLOAT 3 shocks and sway bar, the 2015 Arctic Cat XF 9000 Cross Country Limited is quite expensive, considering the average price of a 2015 crossover sled ($13.149).

Top 10 Most Expensive Snowmobiles in the World - EALUXE | 2015 Arctic Cat XF 9000 Cross Country Limited
2015 Arctic Cat XF 9000 Cross Country Limited via
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