Most Expensive Socks In The World

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Most Expensive Socks In The World

Bet you’re wondering which are the most expensive socks in the world! Keep reading!

It’s so difficult to decide what to get for your loved ones for the holidays . You don’t have to worry now, because a new luxury knitwear brand from Germany called Falke is selling these days pairs of socks that happen to be the most expensive ever made in this world.

These socks will be sold for $1,188 because they are made of Vicuna. This fabric is made from the ultra fine hair of the Peruvian Vicuna and it is so rare and expensive at the same time. This explains why just 10 pairs of socks are available for sale.

Most Expensive Socks In The World
Most Expensive Socks In The World

The socks have been made alongside 20 pullovers with the same Vicuna fabric. Each of pullovers costs $3,300. Because socks are a Christmas stocking staple, Falke is looking to capture the high-end festive season shopper looking for one of the most luxurious and unique gifts.

The socks will come with a golden-brown presentation box that resemble the Llama- like camelid originating from Peru. The Camelid produces very fine and delicate wool. The wool is so delicate it can’t be dyed. The socks are therefore available in one color , the golden brown. Any attempts to dye Vicuna fabric have always resulted in irreversible damage.

Most Expensive Socks In The World-Vicunas
Most Expensive Socks In The World-Vicunas

The problem is that there are only 10 pairs, so if you need one you must place the order quickly. The Vicuna socks are part of Falkes’s autumn/winter collection.

Falke’s limited edition pullovers will be available in two neckline choices  v-neckline and roll. The pullovers are expected to offer a luxury spin on Falke’s mainline menswear collection which is mostly made from merino wool, silk and cashmere.

Given the fact that Vicuna fabric is as expensive as gold when you consider weight, the  $3,300 price tag is justified when you consider other factors like the difficulty involved in getting the fabric .

Most Expensive Socks In The World
Most Expensive Socks In The World

One Vicuna produces approximately one pound of wool. When you consider the fact that Vicuna’s are endangered camelid species and they can’t be domesticated, it is easy to see why these pair of socks and pullover are so expensive.

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