Most Expensive Sports Gear | Top 10

13 September 2014

Most Expensive Sports Gear | Top 10

When it comes to sport every game has its gear and some of them tend to be a little bit expensive that’s why we wanted to show you the most expensive sports gear on the market.

Some sports have expensive gear just because this is how it works, but some sports have accessories that are made from unique materials or designer brand.

But we can also talk about those items who are custom made to fit particular features or just to spoil you while you are playing the sport.

However you see them, these most expensive sports gear will definitely help you out when it comes to practicing the sport they where made for.

So we picked a wide range of sports and different gear so that this list doesn’t bore you with the same sporting equipment or the same sport.

No matter how expensive are they, we concluded that you can sometimes play better or do better at a sport, due to the expensive accessories, gear or equipment.

Most of them are unique, some of them are the only one on the market but some of them were made just for those who would like to spend a lot of money on their favorite sport.

So let’s see the firs most expensive sports gear->

10. Burton 2014 Mystery Camber Snowboard – $1499

Our first item is from the world of snowboarding and we present the Burton 2014 Mystery Camber snowboard.

Created by the late snowboarding icon Craig Kelly, at his in-house pro facility with the help of Burton’s Mystery Construction and Ultrafly™ core.

Some unique features make the board seem from the future and speak for themselves when it come to better snowboarding.

Created with a camber, so that the weight is distributed equally down the board’s lines.

The tricks you do and the turns will give you more energy so that, the camber, acts like a control panel between you and the entire board, making it accessible from tip to tail.

Another feature regarding the characteristics of this 1500 dollar board, is the medium flex for easy landings and smooth turns.

Also another thing that is surprisingly good to know about is the Infinite Ride™ technology who makes the board last forever and it maintains its characteristics, the flex, the pop and the feel being the same from the first day continuing from season to season.

Most Expensive Sports Gear | Top 10
Burton 2014 Mystery Camber Snowboard – $1499

Next item is created from a unique material->

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