Most expensive suitcase | Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase

15 November 2013

Most expensive suitcase | Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase

Trying to add some extravagant travel accessories to your collection ? Here is the answer ! We present you the most expensive suitcase, from Bottega Veneta , named Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase . Let’s take a look !

While most of the suitcases are designed to be functional and practical in mind, fashion retailers and high-end designers are now creating luxury luggage pieces to attract customers with a taste for haute couture items.

When you travel ,only one thing can say if everything about your lifestyle than the clothes on your back, and that thing is the luggage you carry.

bottega-veneta-suitcase bottega-veneta-nero-soft-alligator-suitcase

Italian company Bodegga Veneta has come out with the most elegant set of alligator luggace for private jet set. Made from skin of alligator with brass hardware, the amazing Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase has been designed to handle heavy travel. Marked by brass details and a lock-and-key buckle for safety, the suitcase also includes a garment bag for further functionality and an internal elastic pocket.


This luxury suitcase may be purchased from Bottega Veneta . This piece of luggage is priced at $53,500 with the briefcase selling at $26,300.

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