Buying these 10 Expensive Things Makes You Christian Grey

17 February 2015

The Most Expensive Things in The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie will Amaze You!

It is time to see the Most Expensive Things in The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!

I think everybody has heard about the erotic romance novel written by British author E.L. James.

The first installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a young business man, Christian Grey and a college graduate, Anastasia Steele.

The novel is famous for its explicitly erotic scenes which contain elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism (BDSM).

But the kinky sex isn’t the only major thing about this bestselling book series. The other turn on for most people is money.

According to Forbes, Christian’s Grey worth is estimated to be $2.2 billion. The relationship Anastasia Steele has with billionaire Christian Grey is about love, but we all know that money has a lot to do with it.

Without money Anastasia would never had the chance to hop into a helicopter on their first date. From there she finds that money can buy amazing things such as high-end watches, luxury suits, museum-quality art, expensive sound equipment, fancy hotels, luxurious cars, and of course high-end bondage gear.

With the help of Bloomberg we have found some of the expensive things Christian Grey owns. But let’s start with the beginning and work our way up from there.

Number 10 is:

The Sex & Red Room of Pain

If you have seen the film yet you’d notice that the sex scenes constitute 14 minutes and 17 seconds of the run-time.

Before we cut to the chase I must mention something about some particular scenes for you to better understand what I am trying to say.

Both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan filmed the scenes in the red room of pain the last week of production’s shootings. For the scenes to be great, the actors must have been comfortable with each other.

To help the mood, director Sam Taylor-Johnson would put some quiet music on to help everyone relax.

Dakota’s reaction when she saw Christian Grey’s playroom is as natural as it gets, because the producers wanted to shot the scene as natural as possible. She wasn’t allowed to see the playroom before the scene was shot.

Most Expensive Things in The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie
Most Expensive Things in The Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

The design of the room has deep red walls, crimson Chesterfield sofa and four-poster bed with a custom red leather mattress.

The director asked for an equestrian feel, which meant that brown leather instead of black would be used, with brass hardware like Hermes saddle.

Everything else in the room looks lined up in its place; silk eye masks, leather floggers, metal shackles, ticklers made from horsehair and peacock feathers.

But all that didn’t come cheap nor the handmade sculptural furniture- Tally Ho Chair priced at $14,600, Detention Chest price at $20,000, Study Chair priced $10,800.

Fictional BDSM of not, the stuff had to real and why not expensive.

Then is the scene itself. The condoms are by Trojan -a telltale glint of gold means Magnums, naturally; box of 26 $19.99.

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