World’s Most Expensive Things Made Of Gold | Top 10

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World’s Most Expensive Things Made Of Gold | Top 10

If you were wondering which are the most expensive things made of gold, you’re in the right place.

Today we are going to see the world’s costliest items that are made of gold.

As I’ve said before, people like the most expensive, and what better way to make the most expensive more attractive than adding some gold to it?

And if you thought that gold is only for jewellery, oh, you were so incredibly wrong. People have put gold into and onto everything, from Christmas trees, toilet paper, cars, phones, and others.

Even though we are going to present you just the most expensive things made of gold, it’s worth mentioning other gold items which didn’t make our list:

  • Gold pill – $425 a pill
  • Gold Facial – $1.000
  • Chocolate Pudding – $35.000
  • Gold Casket – $50.000
  • Reading Glasses – $75.000
  • Gold Grill – $150.710
  • Gold Shoes – $210.000
  • Gold Shirt – $250.000

And if you think these are some high prices for just random items that happen to be made out of gold, wait to see the list of the most expensive gold-made things!

Let’s go for the big stuff and have a look at the most pricey gold items in the world!

10.Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree – $500.000

We start our expensive gold-paved journey with a gold tabletop tree that is worth no less than $500.000.

The tree was created by Steve Quick and was showcased at a fund-raising project. The tree is created of more than 2 kg of solid 18K gold, with 4.52 carat stone set in a platinum star that adorns its top.

As if that wasn’t enough, the gold Christmas tree has diamond-briolette ornaments and a layer of 200 carats of diamond which look like a shiny snow.

So if you want a fancy Christmas, why not buy a gold tree?

Top 10 World's Most Expensive Things Made Of Gold  - 10. Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree - $500.000
Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Things Made Of Gold – 10. Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree – $500.000

How can a coin worth $997.000? Find out!

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