Most Expensive Tiffany&Co. Jewelry

9 September 2014

Most Expensive Tiffany&Co. Jewelry | Top 10

You know what they say: diamonds are a girl’s best friends! But a Tiffany piece of jewelry is a girl’s lover, so let me show you the most expensive Tiffany&Co. Jewelry to spice up your love life.

Gentlemen, maybe you should check out these items, too. It’s a very well known fact that the best apologies from a man come in the shape of a diamond.  Yes, one of the keys to a woman’s heart is indeed a sparkling rock!

There isn’t one woman out there who wouldn’t enjoy a big beautiful rock on her finger or glamorous diamonds hanging around her neck.

Diamonds are elegant, glamorous and are a perfect gift for a classy and sophisticated woman who respects herself.

So ladies, don’t know what you want for your next birthday? Take a look at these fantastic pieces and call your lover!

10.Tiffany Legacy Necklace – $845,000

Don’t be glad that it’s under $1 million, this one cannot go by its own!

The Tiffany Legacy Necklace was designed on purpose to go with the Tiffany Legacy brecelet which sells for another $470,000, so there goes your million.

The necklace looks exactly like the bracelet with 12 additional inches, reaching a total of 19 inches with twice as many fabulous diamonds.

The Tiffany Legacy Necklace features lots of square and round diamonds that look like they’re floating around your neck.

So that’s it, the only piece of jewelry under 1 million dollars! Well, not really, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of your girlfiend/wife, so take the bracelet, too.

most expensive tiffany&co. jewelry
most expensive tiffany&co. jewelry
most expensive tiffany&co. jewelry
most expensive tiffany&co. jewelry
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