These Are the Most Expensive Tree Houses in the World!

21 May 2015

8Free Spirit Sphere – Price: $44.700

#8 consists of 3 sphere-pods: All About Melody, Eve and Eryn.

Located in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, this 10.5-feet tree house, unusual yet unique, was created by Tom Chudleigh.

Built with fiberglass, the Free Spirit Sphere is equipped with phone wiring, a sink and electricity.

The purpose of these sphere-shaped tree houses is to be used as meditation rooms.

Priced at $44.700, the 8th world’s most expensive tree house is the perfect get-away spot without giving up your main necessities!
Plus, we have to say it looks incredibly cool! Don’t you agree?

Beautifully crafted, Free Spirit Sphere is a gem of an eco-resort and might be the world’s only resort that has a sauna and accommodations wired with a high tech stereo.

Top 10 Most Expensive Tree Houses in the World - EALUXE | Free Spirit Sphere
Free Spirit Sphere via tripomatic.com
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