These Are the Most Expensive Tuned Cars in the World!

11 May 2015

These Are the Most Expensive Tuned Cars in the World!

If you’re wondering which are the world’s most expensive tuned cars, Ealuxe has the answer!

You all know that car tuning is incredibly popular. Tuning includes just anything, from engines to exquisite design stuff.

But have you wonder which is the limit on which it’s better not cross, so that your car doesn’t fall from lovely to kitsch?

If you invest a decent amount of money, even a mediocre car can turn out into a cool ride. Obviously, the more money you invest, the more amazing the car will look like.

Ealuxe has made a top 10 list of the world’s costliest tuned cars. Some of these have become incredibly expensive because of the tuning. See for yourself!

10Cadillac CTS – Price: $50.000

We begin our top 10 list with Cadillac CTS, priced at $50.000.
The luxury car is a unique car covered with 350.000 Swarovski crystals.

Unveiled during the Qingdao International Auto Show, in China, the Cadillac attracted the eyes of everyone attending and gave a new meaning to the phrase ‘diamond finish’.

Also known as ‘Diamond Cadillac’, the vehicle features shiny Swarovski crystals, each mounted to the body of the car with a special fixer. The gems are guaranteed to stay on even in a car wash!

Top 10 Most Expensive Tuned Cars in the World | Cadillac CTS
Cadillac CTS via chine-informations.com
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