Here are 15 Most Expensive TVs in the World

6 October 2016

It’s a wall decoration… It’s a theater screen… Well, it’s one of the biggest and most expensive TVs in the world!

In the world of unlimited wealth and opulence, people tend to be unsatisfied with their everyday items. They want things to match the status they have achieved. And that’s how they end up with some of world’s most expensive TVs in their house.

For some billionaires, watching news or football matches through under-$5,000-TV is just not enough. So, some of them decided to buy the latest beta technologies. Why would they go with beta? Sometimes, being the first to lay hands on the expensive electronics before any of your millionaire friends gives you more pleasure.

And some others decided to just buy an ordinary TV set but sending it to luxury designers to have it pimped up with jewels and stuff.

Some of these TVs have gone beyond their original purpose. They are even considered as works of art. Those are some of many reasons why anyone would ever spend hundreds or even millions of dollars for an electronic box.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s just start the countdown of world’s fifteen most expensive TVs starting from the least expensive. Enjoy!

15. LG 105UC9 ($100,000)

Here are 15 Most Expensive TVs in the World | #15. LG 105UC9 ($100,000)
Here are 15 Most Expensive TVs in the World | #15. LG 105UC9 ($100,000) | source: luxuo.com

Let’s kick things up with this 105-inch TV from LG Electronics Inc., which was designed by Harman/Kardon. And it was first launched at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), 2014. Both its size and its $100,000 price amazed so many people that day.

This giant baby is not just a TV. It also works as content browsing device. With its webOS platform, you can go through some news or your social media accounts without having to take your eyes off the TV. Its CinemaScope covers 21:9 aspect ratio. And if you opt for smaller ratios setting, you can use the unused screen space to display additional information you want.

For your home viewing pleasure, LG features this Ultra HD Smart+ TV with over 11 million pixels of UHD resolution. In addition to that, the LG’s True 4K Engine Pro and IPS 4K Panel delivers consistent contrast, true-to-live colors, and wide viewing angle.

You know what I would do if I have this LG 105UC9 TV in my living room? I would play some graphic videogames or watch the best surround-sound movie with its Ultra Surround 7.2 speaker concept. So, anyone care to join me?

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