Most Expensive Vinyl Records in the World

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Most Expensive Vinyl Records in the World | TOP 10

These are the most expensive Vinyl records existing in the world today! They are wanted by many people in their collection.

This life long hobby has some awesome perks. A true collector will have in his collection several international records and some of the most valuable vinyl records in the world.

But why are these records so expensive? The main reason is the progress of technology existing today.

Because we evolved some of the old habits were left behind. Habits like collecting vinyl records.

Today the remaining records are worth a fortune.

Are you interesting in seeing the most expensive vinyl records in the world? Well, then let’s proceed!

10- Elvis Presley “Good Luck Charm” single (1962)

Price: $24,000

Elvis Presley is a well-known rock & roll American singer and actor. As one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, Elvis is often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll” or “The King”.

Because he was such a big hit in the 20th century, his music and more precisely his records are something that collectors will kill to have.

And so is this “Good Luck Charm” single which was released in 1962,  featured songs like “Anything that’s part of you”. The record’s value is estimated at $24,000.

But the price is not that big because it had Elvis Presley’s name on the cover but also that this record was one of a few monaural recordings available in stores when the stereos began to make its presence felt.

Most Expensive Vinyl Records in the World  TOP 10 N10- Elvis Presley's Good Luck Charm single (1962)
Most Expensive Vinyl Records in the World TOP 10 N10- Elvis Presley’s Good Luck Charm single (1962)

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