Most Expensive Vivienne Westwood Dresses

26 September 2014

Most Expensive Vivienne Westwood Dresses | Top 10

Ladies, this one is specially for all you fashionistas out there because today we’re going to take a look at the most expensive Vivienne Westwood dresses that are available on the market right now!

Vivienne Westwood, the 73-year-old British designer is also known among the fashion world as the mother of punk. She is responsible for shaping the Modern Punk Culture and fashion movement!

Vivienne is maybe the most eccentric designer in the world that created the most daring clothes, but following a design that never forgets about tradition. Her awards prove her greatness as she won the award for the British Fashion Designer of the Year in 1990, 1991 and 2006.

She is definitely one special designer that doesn’t encourage her customers to buy as many clothes as they can, but to buy something of a higher quality even if this means that less items are purchased. She understands the concept of “quality over quantity”, as she stated:

What I’m always trying to say to the consumer is: buy less, choose well, make it last.

10.Vivienne Westwood Joan Floral-jacquard Dress – Price:$2,897

We start this list with a fantastic piece from Vivienne’s Gold Label collection.

The Gold Label is one of the best collections of Vivienne Westwood that was inspired from the famous couture label House of Worth from the 19th century.

The Joan Floral-jacquard dress is a sophisticated couture piece, made from silk-blend fabric and following a classic silhouette with a boat neck, a fitted top and a full A-line skirt. Oh and the best thing about it..it has side pockets! That’s a real saver, ladies will understand.

This is the perfect dress for a Red Carpet event, but you can also wear it to a Black Tie dinner at a summer wedding.

10.Joan Floral-jacquard Dress - $2,897 | Most Expensive Vivienne Westwood Dresses
10.Joan Floral-jacquard Dress – $2,897 | Most Expensive Vivienne Westwood Dresses
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