Most Expensive Wars Ever

30 October 2014

Most Expensive Wars Ever | TOP 10

We never wanted them, but we got them anyway. Wars were a big part of our lives, our history and our future.

They made us who we are, and because of that, I like to think we are more careful now with each other because we don’t want to start another war again.

Let’s see how expensive were the wars our ancestors fought in. Let’s begin with #10!

10. The Mexican War: $2.37 billion

The Mexican War was fought between 1846 and 1849. It began when the United States annexed Texas in 1945 was still developing.

When the US went on to absorb New Mexico and California, and then overran Mexico City, they forced Mexico to give Alta California and New Mexico to the Americans for $15 million and the American’s assumption of $3.25 million in debt that Mexico owed to U.S.

They also had to pay over $3 million more in debt. But eventually it occupied New Mexico and California, before capturing Mexico City.

10. The Mexican War $2.37 billion
10. The Mexican War $2.37 billion
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