Most Expensive Wedding Cakes | Top 10

28 May 2014

Most Expensive Wedding Cakes | Top 10

Ladies (and why not, gentlemen), you want your wedding cake to be the most sparkling? Here are the world’s most expensive wedding cakes.

When it comes to our wedding day, we tend to exaggerate. But is completely is understandable.

Celebrities, on the other hand, take things to the extreme.
Wedding cakes covered up in diamonds, wedding cakes made out of platinum, and the list can continue.

Often, their wedding cakes are as brightly as the engagement ring.

Many wedding cakes from our top 10 list are the ones who several important people got to enjoyed on their wedding day. Some of them were unveiled at the National Wedding Gay Show, and some of them are just expensive cakes.

Let’s take every cake in particular and see what makes them the world’s costliest wedding cakes.

#10 Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Wedding Cake – $7.000

We begin our top 10 of the most expensive wedding cakes with this luxurious one.

In November 2000, the lovely couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones got married and celebrated at the Plaza Hotel, located in New York City.
Worth $7.000, their 10-tier vanilla and butter cream wedding cake was in the middle of attention.

The cake was designed by the one nicknamed ‘Leonardo da Vinci of wedding cakes’, Sylvia Weinstock.
Although this cake is massive, it was even larger, so its top 2 tiers had to be removed so it could fit through the doors.

Embellished with thousands of edible flowers, we think this wedding cake is awesome!

Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Top 10 10.Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones' Wedding Cake - $7.000
Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Top 10 10.Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones' Wedding Cake - $7.000 (2)

Bill Clinton’s daughter also had an amazing wedding cake on her most important day! See for yourself!

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