Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

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Most Expensive Wedding Dresses | Top 10

Since we were little kids, we, the ladies, have always dreamed of our special day and just to make sure you will look like a princess when the time comes, I will present you the 10 most expensive dresses of all time to inspire you!

The wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life and like it or not, gentlemen, it most definitely is all about us! And that’s the way it should be, a woman spends years and years of her life planning this perfect day.

And let’s face it, the dress is the heart of the event. A princess has to wear a proper gown to an event that important that marks the rest of her life next to her beloved one.

So when it comes to wedding dresses, ladies, you should just go wild and spend as much how much money on that one special dress that you feel it’s meant for you!

Let’s see the finest and most expensive wedding dresses ever made to help us get that princess look we deserve!

10.“Bach Ngoc Xiem Y” Wedding Dress – $117,000

They say that Asians are geniuses, right? Well, they did it for a wedding dress, too!

An Asian creation that comes all the way from Vietnam and costs no less than 117,000 dollars! This is a dress for a powerful and stylish woman!

The dress is made of the finest white silk and satin and is embellished with 222 diamonds and 100 rubies! This dress is an art piece!

The “Bach Ngoc Xiem Y” wedding dress is currently exposed at the Ruby Plaza in Hanoi, Vietnam and leaves every woman that passes it by daydreaming.

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most expensive wedding dresses
most expensive wedding dresses
most expensive wedding dresses
most expensive wedding dresses
most expensive wedding dresses
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