Most Expensive World War II Items

10 October 2014

Most Expensive World War II Items | TOP 10

Have you seen the most expensive World War II items? Check this out!

We all know that the second was the biggest war of all. Let’s just hope it will be the last.

The time where millions of people died and were lost in history was tough for everyone.  Some collectors will go crazy to put their hands on some of the items from WWII.

Let’s see how much they’ve spent on the items of WWII memorabilia.

#10 Winston Churchill’s Snuff Box: $24,000

The tenth item in our list is perhaps one of the most common items from that time. But not all the items belonged to Churchill.

The item that belonged to Churchill is a snuff box. Okay, but what a snuff box is?

A snuff box is a small ornamented container that holds snuffs, or basically scented powdered tobacco.

This particular snuff box was given to Churchill doorkeeper of the House of Commons by the Winston himself, after he lost his snuff box during the Germans’ blitzkrieg attack on London.

The item was sold in 2006 at an auction organized by Sotheby’s.

#10 Winston Churchill’s Snuff Box $24,000
#10 Winston Churchill’s Snuff Box $24,000
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