Most Expensive Zip Codes in America

3 October 2014

Most Expensive Zip Codes in America

Were you looking for some expensive places? Then take a look at these most expensive zip codes in the world.

These zip codes have higher price tags, and you’ll guarantee feel special because you just bought an amazing place.

Only billionaires will afford to buy a house in one of these places with most expensive zip codes.

And the most expensive zip codes in America are…

10. 93108 – Santa Barbara, California -$3 million

The place is often chosen by the elite people because they are the only people who can afford the houses in this place.

From a diversity of houses you can choose from, the median home price is $3.1 million. The place where the rich and famous live is nicknamed “America’s Riviera”.

With a simple look at the zip code you get the insight into longtime standard bearers of wealth and the up-and-coming bedroom communities for the country’s elite.

Located on a rare stretch of California’s coastline, it’s nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. The zip code is part of the 1.9 million-acre Los Padres National Forest.

Well known for the Mediterranean-like climate, the city is surrounded by a number of wineries and ranches. It is just the perfect place for vacation.

10. 93108 – Santa Barbara, Calif. -$3 million
Most Expensive Zip Codes in America |10. 93108 – Santa Barbara, Calif. -$3 million [image source: redfin]

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