10 Most Famous Gangsters of All Time

19 June 2015

10 Most Famous Gangsters of All Time

If you’re wondering who are the most famous gangsters of all time, we made a top 10 list.

Of course the first name that comes in mind is Al Capone, but there are several others who managed to gather billions of dollars.

Some of them are even richer than Al Capone.
Our top list also includes a famous gangster who is still among us.

Crime does pay! These gangsters owned planes, cars, luxurious mansions, the best clothes, but the type of work which brought them these luxurious things, isn’t the right one.

Armored vehicles, food tasters, lots of bodyguards are part of their lifestyle.

Some of these mobsters resorted to drastic plastic surgery, in order to change their appearance. Is that a little to much? Not for that era!

10Louis Buchalter

We begin our top 10 list of the most famous gangsters of all time with the head of the Mafia hit squad Murder Inc, during the 1930s.

Louis Buchalter, whose full name was Louis ‘Lepke’ Buchalter, was an American mobster and one of the premier labor racketeers in New York City, during the 1930s.

Louis’ most significant murder was in 1935, when he murdered the powerful New York gangster, Dutch Schultz.
From the entire circle of mobsters, he was the only major boss to receive the death penalty in the US.

Louis Buchalter was born on February 6, 1897, and died at the age of 47, on March 4, 1944.
Along with his childhood friend, mobster Jacob ‘Gurrah’ Shapiro, Louis Buchalter began gaining control of the garment industry unions, using them to threaten strikes and demand payments from factory owners.

What is Murder Inc? In the 1930s, the gangster came with the idea of creating a process for performing contract killings for Cosa Nostra mobsters, which 10 years later became Murder Inc.

There are several films about his life, such as the 1960 ‘Murder Inc’, 1959 TV series ‘The Untouchables’, 1975 ‘Lepke’, 1981 ‘Gangster Wars’ and HBO TV series ‘The Sopranos’ (episode 8 : ‘The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti’).

Most Famous Gangsters of All Time | Louis Buchalter
Louis Buchalter via fineartamerica.com
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