The Ten Most Important Cities in Fashion Today

17 September 2015

The Ten Most Important Cities in Fashion Today

Let’s check the most important cities in fashion!

Fashion has become more of a global phenomenon, and we noticed that some areas still hold colossal sway over the broader landscape.

The most important and influential cities in fashion today got under our attention and we decided to examine them closely.

According to some, style is a global language, but it doesn’t mean that all places have equal rights when it comes to fashion importance.

Fashion is so diverse nowadays, and to celebrate that diversity and unique cultures that make fashion so amazing, we got to talk about the most influential cities in fashion right now.

Note: this places are Ealuxe’s favorites and our readers loved them. It is nothing special, so don’t get angry that we missed some, in the comments.

#10: Moscow

It is important to us and our reader because this city has unique subcultures and internet geniuses that reflect the country’s East-meets-West cultural dynamism.

City’s underground skateboarding and music scenes have never been some of the healthiest things.

For example, look at Gosha Rubchinskiy looks set to take over the world with his patriotic, street-inspired collections.

In Moscow we found stores like FOTT, SVMoscow, Kixbox, and brands/ designers like Gosha Rubchinskiy, Grunge John Orchestra, Explosion, ?22, Sputnik 1985, August Institute.

The city may be under fire right now, (figuratively speaking), but the fascinating clash of cultures and unique youth movements, make it a place worth watching.

The Ten Most Important Cities in Fashion Today
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