10 Most Lavish, Gold Infused Foods

18 June 2015

10 Most Lavish, Gold Infused Foods

Taste the most lavish, gold infused foods!

In Asian and Middle Eastern countries, gold was used more for medicinal purposes.

Nowadays, gold is used in cuisine more often and on all kinds of things, such asbacon, macarons, burgers and even on cigars (although, you can’t literally eat cigars, but they still are meant to be tasted).

One things is clear. Gold makes a $20 dish look more luxurious and sparkly.

Let’s get straight to business and see which are the 10 most lavish, gold infused foods!

1023-Karat Gold Chocolate Bacon – Price: $39.99/per strip

We begin our top 10 list with something a bit odd, yet something you’ll definitely want to taste.

Combining bacon and chocolate is already a weird test. Add gold and you get something really out of the ordinary. Apparently, Baconery seems to have a different opinion.

This lavish food consists of Nueske cherrywood-smoked bacon, Guittard semi-sweet dark chocolate, and 23-karat edible gold flakes.

These strips take breakfast to a whole new level.

Most Lavish, Gold Infused Foods | 23-Karat Gold Chocolate Bacon
23-Karat Gold Chocolate Bacon via YouTube.com
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