Most Luxurious Cruise Ships | Top 5

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Most Luxurious Cruise Ships | Top 5

Let’s take a look at the most luxurious cruise ships!

Cruising has become one of the most extravagant way to travel these days. Just because you are in middle of the ocean, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the luxury that you want. Being on a cruise ship, it’s something that you have to do once in your life if you can afford it.

These luxury cruise liners will take you to visit almost everything, but the rooms or the condos will cost more than you think. From learning how to play a piano to male escorts for the single ladies at dinner or apartment-style lofts, these cruise ships show that sailing can be quite luxurious.

Let’s see which are the Most Luxurious Cruise Ships in the world !

#5Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Breakaway

Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Breakaway, launched in 2013, and it’s called a game changer for the cruise industry.

At the top of the ship, Haven, an all-suite area, rewards affluent guests with concierge service, a private pool, butlers and other extras. It’s like a little gated community within the megaship.

The $840 million Breakaway is the biggest ship ever to call New York its home port.

The spa and fitness center alone take up 28,000 square feet.

Most Luxurious Cruise Ships: #5Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Breakaway
Most Luxurious Cruise Ships: #5Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Breakaway

Most Luxurious Cruise Ships:  Norwegian Breakaway Sports Complex   Condos : Most Luxurious Cruise Ships:

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