Most Luxurious Facebook Pages 2013

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Most Luxurious Facebook Pages 2013

Hello Ealuxers! I’ve decided to take a look at the most luxurious facebook pages of 2013!

Facebook is a great website! I know shocker right?! So what would someone such as yourself do if ever needed even more luxury in his life? Beyond reading blogs or magazines such as this one, we waste spend a lot of time on social media platforms.

It seems easy to notice the increase in number of Facebook luxury pages, so we decided to take a look at some of the fastest growing Facebook communities and on what their success is based on.

Let’s get into it! This is the Top 5 Most Luxurious Facebook Pages that you need to be following!

#5 Provocative Luxury

Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Provocative Luxury
Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Provocative Luxury

Although it doesn’t have an enormous following as the other do, this is one of the most well managed Facebook pages with a huge growing potential. It adds a little sexy to your news feed, but it does so in a classy way keeping you aroused but still appreciating the elegance and class that their posts provide.

Visit page here: Provocative Luxury


#4 Gentleman Forever

Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Gentleman Forever
Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Gentleman Forever

I have discovered Gentleman Forever off Tumblr and I was pleased to discover that it migrated to a dedicated website that is soon to launch. With almost 100k followers it is one of the fastest growing pages in it’s niche! They have very qualitative posts and they always manage to put a smile on my face or spark and outfit idea.

Visit page here: Gentleman Forever

#3 Luxury Lovers

Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Luxury Lovers
Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Luxury Lovers

With a quarter million likes Luxury Lovers is one of the most popular luxury Facebook pages with material that ranges from style and motivation to products with buy-from links.  They have build a solid following and their growth came with a lot of time and effort!

Visit page here: Luxury Lovers

#2 Chic Luxury

Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Chic Luxury
Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Chic Luxury

Chic Luxury is one of the Must-Like pages when it comes to fine living and opulence! It’s growth in the recent months sparked a my interest and I am always pleased to see any of their posts in my – at times – boring news feed!

Visit page here: Chic Luxury

#1 LuxuryExperiences

Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Luxury Experiences
Most Luxurious Facebook Pages: Luxury Experiences

Clearly the #1 resource on Facebook, it has an enormous following and it kinda came as a shock to me when I found out it’s all organic! Most pages started buying likes in order to increase their counter, this is now the case of Luxury Experiences! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to interact with the admin of the page to find out what makes Luxury Experiences so successful.

LE: Hi Emil, first of all we wish you good luck for your online magazine, we would like to mention that Luxury Experiences Official, is the fastest growing and most visited Luxury page on FB. We are proud to have the best public on FB, and that we do NOT have ONE fake or purchased LIKE. ALL our likes are organic, real people! We are proud to be the number one Luxury page on FB!

Emil: That sounds amazing! We’ve just launched our Facebook page as well: Ealuxe and we see how hard is to build a loyal organic following, so your results speak for themselves! Keep doing your amazing work!

LE: Nothing is easy, many have tried to copy LE, even by using the same name, not one reached what we did. LE has over 27.000 pictures! Spending ALL our free time!

LE: The most important, we have created a living page. A page where people come, read, look at the pictures, and share our pictures. We reached that kind of level that now we are invited by different associations, to talk about how to build up a successful social network.

Emil: I know you currently run more than 1 page, how big is your reach?

LE: We also own: Chic Luxury, Gourmet Experiences, Provocative Luxury (just one month old), Passion4sushi, passion4greece, Pizza Italiano.

Emil: You guys are doing an awesome job with your pages and we’re inspired by your work! I look forward to you guys improving my news feed in the same qualitative way you have done so far! Keep up the amazing work!

LE: Good luck with your Online Magazine we look forward to reading the article!

Visit page here: Luxury Experiences

I hope you guys found this article useful so go ahead and check out these pages because they have high quality content and are run by amazing teams!

That ends this article about the Most Luxurious Facebook Pages of 2013, let me know which is your favorite in the comments bellow!

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