Most Luxurious Hotel Chains In The World

10 March 2015

Most Luxurious Hotel Chains Around The World

Are you ready for the most luxurious hotel chains? I know I am!

Here at Ealuxe we’ve been talking about hotels most of the times, which is why we thought about putting all the famous hotels in one list.

If you are into traveling, just like we are, these are some of the hotels you must check in when you travel around the world.

And we also thought you’d like to see and explore new places, places where you can enjoy the views but also the familiarity you find in every single one of these hotels.

The list is addressed mostly to those who are accustomed to living an opulent lifestyle and are always seeking for a truly ratified experience.

That feeling you get after you’ve found a chain of hotels or resorts, which will satisfy all your wishes.

This is one of the reasons why we made this list: to help you find that feeling.

Now let’s get into that!

10. Jumeirah

The name of the hotel is Arabic for “beautiful” which can also be used to describe Jumeirah, the hotel.

Moreover, Jumeirah owns the most luxurious hotel in the world and the symbol of modern Dubai. Have you guessed already? Yes, it is the one and only Burj Al Arab from Dubai.

Jumeirah is not only famous for this single property, but is also one brand that makes extraordinary efforts into all of its projects and proprieties. They do that not only to compete with other brands but also with themselves.

The face of the hotels is not the only thing that makes this hotel one of the most luxurious hotel chains, but also the service within.

Plus, Jumeirah has some of the most beautiful spas in the world, each of which are designed to reflect the beauty of the location.

You can’t find the hotel chain in United States anymore, but you can visit them in Europe, the Middle East or Asia.

10. Jumeirah Most Luxurious Hotel Chains Around The World
10. Jumeirah Most Luxurious Hotel Chains Around The World |via: wikimedia.org|
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