10 Of The Most Luxurious Hotel Toiletries

2 August 2014

10 Of The Most Luxurious Hotel Toiletries

And the 10 most luxurious hotel toiletries are here for you to steal!

Yes, I said that, because let’s face it, we all love those tiny little bottles of toiletries in our bathroom every time we check into a hotel.

We all love them, and somehow, we all… let’s just say we all enjoy them, whether it’s at the hotel or later on when we get home (it’s not our fault they accidentally fell over in our suitcases). And those who travel at first class and stay at 5-star accommodations expect luxury everywhere, so fancy toiletries it is!

Big companies such as Oscar de la Renta, Farragamo, Bvlgari and others, have developed partnerships with luxury brand hotels, so their guests are pampered even in their shower.

So if you want to indulge in some high-end tiny bottles of shampoo and shower gel, let’s take a look at the most luxurious hotel toiletries! 


The first brand we are talking about is Aveda.

A company that produces skin care, cosmetics, perfumes, hair care products, Aveda is the perfect brand for the eco-conscious consumers.

With pure plant aromas, fresh scents and products without silicone oils, petroleum products, or artificial colourants, Aveda has a 100% recyclable package and the products are never tested on animals.

The hotel line has rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner, energizing body cleaner and a moisturiser, one of the hotels where can be found being the Renaissance Hotel.

10 Of The Most Luxurious Hotel Toiletries - Aveda
10 Of The Most Luxurious Hotel Toiletries – Aveda

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