Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014

11 March 2014

Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014 | Women’s fashion

Which of you girls has never thought of her perfect wedding? I know you all did, and with summer right around the corner, a beautiful wedding on the beach sounds like the perfect thing to do!

But do not think that having your wedding on a beach will prevent it to be done with class and luxury!

We have prepared for you the Most Luxurious Wedding Trends in 2014 and all I can say is that they look amazing!

With a classy vintage look, these wedding styles will make you look breath-taking!

The dress

Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014 | Women's fashion


What do you say? Don’t these dresses look amazing? They are stylish and lady-like, and let’s admit it, this is the look we want on our wedding day!

Whether you want your wedding dress to be sleeveless and probably a bit more comfy, or you go for the vintage look with a bit of lace, either one of them will look just beautiful!


Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014 | Women's fashion


As you can see, lace is a really big fashion trend when talking about wedding style! It brings that elegant element that every bride should have, and it’s a timeless piece that will always look chic.

And look how amazing it looks with a puffy but simple veil to go along with it!

The veil

Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014 | Women's fashion

Since we are talking about veils, why not try a more edgy look with a birdcage one? Use your imagination and go for the vintage high-end look, it will make you look astonishing and it is your wedding after all!

The earrings

Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014 | Women's fashion


All of us girls know how much importance we give to details and accessorizing, so do not forget about earrings on your wedding day! It all depends on your taste and, of course, the type of dress you have, but these 2 types of earrings seem perfect for a lady-like look!

The shoes

Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014 | Women's fashion

In our Most Luxurious Wedding Trends in 2014 we did not forget the shoes. Whether you go for the classic stiletto or for a more fresh stiletto sandal, you will look wonderful for sure!

The lingerie

Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014 | Women's fashion

And the last but not the least, the lingerie! Do not think that if it’s your wedding you have to be all classy and no sexy! You will go on your honeymoon after that, right? Just imagine how impressed your future husband will be if underneath this chic dress you will wear a sexy garter! That’s ladylike and sexy in the same time!

What do you think of all these Most Luxurious Wedding Trends 2014?

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