10 Most Memorable Celebrity Funerals

15 October 2015

9James Brown

James Joseph Brown was an American musician and one of the founding fathers of funk music.
He was often referred to as ‘The Godfather of Soul’.

At the age of 73,  James Brown died on December 25, 2006, from congestive heart failure.

After his death, thousands of people attended the public memorial services, held on December 28, at the Apollo Theater in New York and at the James Brown Arena, held on December 30, in Augusta, Georgia.
Among those were his relatives and friends and many of his fans.

James Brown’s body was placed in a gold-plated solid bronze Promethean casket, driven through the streets in a white, glass-encased carriage.

Celebrities who attended his memorial services are Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Lenny Kravitz, LL Cool J, MC Hammer, Prince, Ice-T, Ice Cube, Stevie Wonder and Jesse Jackson.

Most Memorable Celebrity Funerals | James Brown
James Brown via nydailynews.com
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