Most Outrageous Concierge Requests | Top 5

22 February 2014

Most Outrageous Concierge Requests | Top 5

What was your most outrageous concierge request ever?

From shipping glaciers to delivering live lion cubs, hotel concierges from New York to Thailand have seen and heard it all – and have done their best to please their customers.  Ranging from bizarre to just wacky, Ealuxe has selected for you the top 5 most outrageous concierge requests.

The word “concierge” comes from the French comte des cierges (“keeper of the candles”), who were servants tending to aristocrats’ needs in the castles of medieval France. Fortunately, today one need not be nobility or have millionaire status in order to receive the royal treatment from the world’s most luxurious hotels. Concierges can accommodate even the most dramatic requests, the ultimate reward consisting in total customer satisfaction – whether the guest is a first-time visitor, a regular guest, or a celebrity.


“Part of our job is to make the impossible happen.”

This statement belongs to Kenneth Abrisor, Head Concierge at the Mandarin Oriental in New York.
If you had to make a request, what would you ask of your concierge? So far, here are the top 5 most outrageous concierge requests of all time:

5. Shipping a Glacier

Hotel: The Four Seasons (Whistler, British Colombia)
The Canadian resort’s concierges are accustomed to booking day trips for guests, especially helicopter visits to a nearby glacier. But one day, two of the hotel’s guests came back with a rather large cube of ice from their glacier trip and requested that it be shipped to their South Carolina home. After the large glacier cube was delivered, the guests called in later to report that the glacier had arrived safely, in order for it to be served as glacial-ice cocktails.
That sure must have been one unique drink!

Top 5 Most Outrageous Concierge Requests

4. Kids’ Photos with a Huge Live Snake

Hotel: Four Seasons Tented Camp (Golden Triangle, Thailand)
One of the hotel’s most outrageous concierge requests to date came from a wealthy Latin American guest who asked the staff to set up a photo shoot of his children with a giant snake. The concierges not only accepted his request, but delivered the live animal just in time for the photo shoot. The snake in question was so large that the children had to be photographed lying down, with the creature wrapped around them in a leathery-cushion fashion.
They say that the snake was used to humans and perfectly harmless.

Top 5 Most Outrageous Concierge Requests

3.  Movies on the Beach – with No Sand

Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton (Cancun, Mexico)
One day, a guest (who was staying with his family and personal chef at the hotel) wanted to watch a movie on the beach, but without having to step on sand. The solution involved a whole lot of white carpets – in order to match the color of sand. The small event also included a large movie screen and cinema-style seating in order to make the whole experience memorable.
The family watched movies under the stars, without having to get their feet wet or dirty.

Top 5 Most Outrageous Concierge Requests

2. Suit of Armor

Hotel: The Fairmont Chateau (Whistler, British Columbia)
Some of the most outrageous concierge requests are related to staging elaborate marriage proposals. One guest needed help popping the question dressed as a knight in shining armor (complete with a white horse), outside the hotel lobby.
It apparently did the trick, as the lucky lady said “yes”.

Top 5 Most Outrageous Concierge Requests

1. Live Lion Cubs

Hotel: The Plaza Athénée (Paris, France)
Hotels are used to offering young guests stuffed animals as welcoming gifts, but live wild animals definitely fall under the category of most outrageous concierge requests. One guest wanted to surprise his daughter with two small real lions on her birthday. The concierge went to work and found the pair of live lion cubs through a local circus tamer. The birthday girl found the two cubs when she came into the hotel room (accompanied by the lion tamer) and had a blast with the little ones who behaved very well.

Top 5 Most Outrageous Concierge Requests

We hope you enjoyed this top 5 most outrageous concierge requests and let us know what your requests might have been in the comment section bellow!